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Surviving the Next Generation

Today, I’m talking to family business owners. The topic is succession and succession planning. In a typical family business, there are multiple generations. As the

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Integrator Hiring Mistake

Today, I’m talking to you Visionaries. I also have a visual aid, an unhappy Visionary. They’re concerned they made a mistake in the Integrator they

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Visionary Accountability

Today, I want to talk to both the Visionary and the Integrator. The question we want to answer is who holds the Visionary accountable? The

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What About Me?

Today, I’d like to respond to an e-mail that we received recently. Let me set the stage. She says: “I’m a partner in a small

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Integrators Own the OS

Today, I’m talking to you Integrators. I’d like to start off by quoting a passage from the fifth point on the Integrator Job Description, right out

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Get An Assistant

Today, I want to talk to you about one of the core challenges that we have as Visionaries and Integrators. We have to figure out

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The Issue Tree

Today, I want to ask you about your issues. Actually, I want to introduce you to the Issue Tree. In the Issue Tree, we’ve got

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