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If you’re the #2 leader in an entrepreneurial organization, the Integrator Masterclass will open the door to the mastery-level community, show you how to increase your capacity, and help you build a stronger relationship with your Visionary.

The Visionary Masterclass takes you on a deep dive into your Visionary DNA to explore your inherent strengths, reflect on your unique challenges, and equip you with the tools needed to elevate your organization to new heights.

Programs Coming Soon

Exponential Freedom

Stay tuned for Mark’s next ground-breaking project. Coming in 2025!
Mark is committed to helping entrepreneurs get unstuck so they can pursue their FREEDOM. Before they can do that, they must become crystal clear on some very important questions. Stay updated on future announcements about the upcoming program

V/I Duo

Come back soon to learn more about the upcoming Visionary/Integrator Duo Summit!

V/I Connector Program

Come back soon to learn more about our upcoming Visionary/Integrator Connector program!

Expert Facilitation to help get you BOTH back on the same page. The vast majority of V/I Issues point back to a lack of discipline around “staying on the same page.” It can be very helpful to bring in a professional to facilitate your V/I Duo through some rough waters.

Learn how to use the Visionary / Integrator™ combination to expand your freedom.
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