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Maintaining Mutual Respect

Mutual respect with your Visionary/Integrator counterpart is a must

Today, I’m talking to you Visionaries and Integrators. We’re talking about your relationship and I really want to talk to you about having mutual respect.

It’s absolutely essential that, for both of you, you never say anything negative about one another. We can’t complain to anybody else in the organization about our Visionary/Integrator counterpart. It’s absolutely critical. You’re different people and you know that. There will be tension – that’s natural. At some point or another, that tension is going to build up an urge to express some type of disrespect for your counterpart. My passionate plea to you is that you fight that urge. We’re going to work out those issues in the Same Page Meeting™. That’s how we handle it.

Now, Visionaries, I’m talking to you. The Integrator is not your minion. They’re not something less than you are. It’s a relationship. It’s a partnership. It’s a form of a marriage. We want to treat it with the level of respect that we would that type of important relationship.

Integrators, if you’re feeling disrespected by your Visionary, you really have three choices. Number one, you can fix it. You can address it in your Same Page Meeting™. Number two, you can tolerate it. If you feel like the good that you’re getting is greater than the bad, you can continue to tolerate it. The third choice is that you can leave. You can go find a Visionary out there that will treat you with the type of respect that you want and deserve.

Visionaries, I’ve got a little reminder and warning for you. After hearing that, remember, Integrators are a scarce commodity in this world. If you have a feeling that it’s okay for you to treat them as something “less than” or with disrespect, recognize that you might end up alone. You might end up back in that Integrator’s seat yourself. You need to decide, be aware, and be honest with yourself about what’s more important. Is it more important that you feed your power ego to treat them in that way? Or, is it more important that you have a powerful Visionary/Integrator combination for your business?

Three key points to wrap this one up:

  1. It’s a marriage. Respect each other. Treat each other just like you would that kind of important relationship.
  2. Never say anything negative about your Visionary/Integrator counterpart to anyone outside of the relationship.
  3. Visionaries, the Integrator is not “less than”.

Come see us on Take the Visionary and Integrator assessments. See where you’re great. See where you could use some help. We’ve been having some great discussions with other Visionaries & Integrators over on LinkedIn and Facebook.  Regardless of where you are in your process, I encourage you to join the conversation! And finally, read Rocket Fuel. If you’ve already read Rocket Fuel, and you liked it, we’d love to see a review from you on Amazon. We’d really love to hear what you think.

Until next time, Go ROCKET!



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