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Visionary/Integrator – Side by Side?

Today, I want to respond to a question.

We get a lot of questions and there was a good one that I thought I could help clarify for others who may share it. The user asked:

I love your videos and the complete model. As a Visionary looking for an Integrator, they are super helpful. I wanted to show all of your videos to anyone that I’d hire but there is maybe something that turns me off. Why do you keep drawing the Visionary above the integrator in the org chart? Maybe there’s a reason I don’t see but I think your videos will be a lot more helpful to recruit Integrators if you drew them at the same level.

Here’s how I understand the question, and it’s not the first time I’ve had someone ask. Some folks are seeing the Visionary above the Integrator. Maybe they should be side-by-side? That seems to be what he’s curious about.

To clarify, we don’t prescribe an org chart. We teach an Accountability Chart™. A key difference between an org chart and an Accountability Chart™ is that the latter doesn’t pay attention to levels. It doesn’t heed any kind of a political hierarchy. The objective of the Accountability Chart™ is to create absolute clarity around what needs to get done, who’s going to do it, and how accountability will flow on the chart to make sure it does happen.

As long as you’re not concerned with levels, the fact that the Visionary appears above the Integrator simply indicates that the Visionary is also responsible for holding that Integrator accountable. In turn, the Visionary is being held accountable by the Owner’s Box™. We have to call out that single line. In order for it to truly work, we need a straight line, eyeball-to-eyeball accountability. There is no opportunity for any confusion around that. Otherwise, it will be less effective.

Hope that makes sense and adds some clarity for those of you who may have been confused about this.

Three key points:

  1. Let go of levels, titles, and political hierarchy.
  2. Get crystal clear on what needs to get done, who is going to do it, and how that accountability will flow.
  3. Keep sending in those great questions. We also have a monthly call inside Rocket Fuel University that helps address these types of questions.

Until next time, Go ROCKET!


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