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Resources to help you expand your freedom. Begin moving in the right direction – with clarity.

Online Assessments


Are you a Visionary or Integrator™? Take the Rocket Fuel Crystallizer Assessment to discover if your natural abilities align with being in the Visionary or Integrator™ seat.

Rocket Fuel
Power Index

Ensure you and your V/I counterpart are on the same page and maximizing your Rocket Fuel. It’s important to take Quarterly assessments of your relationship to track your progress.

Free Chapter OF Rocket Fuel

Get your free copy of the first chapter of Rocket Fuel. Rocket Fuel explains the critical roles of the Visionary and Integrator™ and how a relationship between the two can thrive.

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Integrator™ Indicator
assessment [PDF]

Visionary Indicator
Assessment [PDF]

Integrator™ Job
Description [PDF]

Rocket Fuel
Power Index [PDF]

EOS Implementer

V/I Services


Get started now, even if you aren’t quite ready for a full-time Integrator. Get a list of fractional Integrators who can help push your organization forward.

Recruiting Services

Professionals that will help you source and process qualified Integrators that are most likely to be the right fit for your “Puzzle Piece.”

VISIONARY & Integrator™

These professionals will help you determine the shape of your “Puzzle Piece,” and of the complementary shape you seek.