Rocket Fuel 101: Crystallize

It takes TWO types of leaders to have the Rocket Fuel that your organization needs to hit that next level. 

Once you crystallize your own role, and connect with your perfect counterpart, you will create more freedom to do what you do best and push your company to reach its true potential.

Get CRYSTAL clear on how Integrators & Visionaries combine to create Rocket Fuel.

A Visionary without an Integrator is doomed.

Rocket Fuel 101 is designed for both Integrators & Visionaries to learn how to use the Rocket Fuel model to take their organization to the next level. If you’re considering adding Rocket Fuel to your company, then this is the perfect course for you.

Who should Enroll in Rocket Fuel 101?


Any new or recently self-identified Integrator or person that suspects they may be an Integrator. You’ll get to crystallize your seat as an Integrator. Clarify your roles, strengths, and responsibilities.


Have you committed to learning how to find and utilize an Integrator to help push your organization forward to new heights? You'll crystallize your understanding of how your Integrator can be the Yin to your Yang.

Owners & Founders

You have an organization you want to take to the next level, but you’re not sure how. You want to clarify your existing roles and responsibilities within your leadership team, but currently your dynamic is strained, frustrating, or just not working right.

What's Included

Self-paced Virtual Training
& Extended Access

Rocket Fuel 101 provides video-based learning modules to introduce you to the Rocket Fuel framework that will help you understand the Visionary/Integrator structure & relationship. Understanding the V/I relationship and creating a strong foundation with your counterpart is vital for successful company growth. Because we want this information always available for you and your organization, you’ll have LIFETIME access to all of the video modules.

Live Q&A Call with Mark C. Winters

You’ll have the opportunity to receive valuable and insightful feedback directly from Mark C. Winters! You’ll receive personalized issue solving, you can submit questions in advance (answered LIVE), and your session will be recorded for your convenience to access at any time.

Eligibility & Easy Entry into the Integrator
Academy Masterclass

By completing Rocket Fuel 101, the Integrator in your relationship will be one-step closer to accesing the Integrator Academy Masterclass.  You’ll also receive a $97 off coupon towards the Integrator Academy Masterclass. The Masterclass is a 4-week course and intensive deep-dive to help the Integrator fully master their existing skills and become truly great in their role.

Leaders Using Rocket Fuel


  • All access pass to the self-paced video modules
  • Live Q&A video call, hosted by Mark C. Winters
  • Receive a credit towards the Integrator Academy Masterclass ($97 OFF)
  • LIFETIME access to all course modules

Money Back Guarantee

Privacy Guaranteed

100% Secure Information


Is this course for Visionaries or integrators?

Both! The course modules are designed to help both Visionaries and Integrators crystallize their roles and understanding on how they can make Rocket Fuel work for their business.

Do you offer any satisfaction guarantees?

Yes, we offer a 7-day refund from the purchase date if the course does not reach your satisfaction. Our Rocket Fuel committment is to always ensure your expectations are met and/or exceeded. 

I have already completed the Integrator Academy Masterclass; is this course for me?

If you’ve already participated in and completed the Integrator Academy Masterclass, then this course is not appropriate for you. You have already completed a higher level of mastery.

How long will it take to complete the course?

Course completion time will differ depending on how much time you need to absorb the material, but we estimate you should allocate 2-3 hours to complete the course modules.

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